What are people saying about Meditation Education?

Alice is an exceptional teacher, motivator, and leader, especially with her students’ Animal Reiki practice.  Each and every Animal Reiki 1 class was inspirational and informative, with Alice guiding us as new students and also continuing to strengthen her own practice through our shared experiences. I learned so much from Alice and would highly recommend her as a gifted teacher for both beginning and seasoned students.

-Kathy M., Ohio, USA

I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to meet Alice and be a part of her Let Animals Lead® Reiki training.  She was a wonderful teacher and I have learned so much from her.  Her calmness and sweet caring nature helps with the frame of mind that sets the tone for the class. Not only did this help my animals but helped me as well. The energy that she gives helps with the learning material as well as makes it even more interesting.

–Veronica A., California, USA

I’m so grateful to Alice, Kathleen Prasad, and of course the wonderfully vast and giving animal kingdom for touching my life through Animal Reiki. Alice made me feel very relaxed with her tutelage and guidance as I learned levels one and two of this incredibly rewarding gift of service. I look forward to exploring more with Alice and the animals as I continue this journey. 

–Christine N., Ohio, USA

“I came to know a deeper appreciation of meditation and the importance of honouring all animals as the gifted teachers they are.”

Alice’s genuine love of both animals and the Let Animals Lead® Reiki method made for a most enjoyable learning experience. With warmth, enthusiasm and a natural ability to put her students at ease, she created a wonderful space for us to learn and ask questions, and through her teachings I came to know a deeper appreciation of meditation and the importance of honouring all animals as the gifted teachers they are. 

-Lynda W., Ontario, Canada

The class with Alice Kay was wonderfully informative and formative for me. It helped me to ease the stress of a move for my dog as well as the introduction of a cat to our new home. I was admittedly skeptical of completing the class online, but it was very well-done, and I gained much from our time together.

-Rev. Kyle G., Ohio, USA

Alice, thank you so much for teaching me so well, I am so so appreciative of you! These 8 weeks have flown by, and it’s because I’ve been having so much fun with you. So delighted to have passed level 1 and looking forward to starting level 2 with you! 

-Radhika S., Nairobi, Kenya

“I’m grateful for Alice! Thanks to her, I am now certified in Animal Reiki 1. It was a thoroughly inspiring process. This means so much for my relationship with my own animals – I have 8 – as well as for those animals I care for with my pet care service. Alice is clear, passionate and honoring to the process, truly engaged in her love for animals, teaching from.experience. What a gift to the learner! I look forward to further studies with Alice! She knows her stuff!!”

— Jean B., Ohio, USA

“Alice Kay Lovelace is an excellent teacher. She makes the class enjoyable as well as instructive. You will receive a good Reiki education from her.”

— Donna B., Ohio, USA